Lauren Jones
Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones

Oncology Nurse Specialist

Lauren Jones – Oncology Nurse Specialist

“As an Oncology nurse specialist, I believe laughter is an important part of cancer care, which is why I like to bring my sense of humour to my role. I enjoy building a rapport with our clients and developing a relationship with them where they feel comfortable to speak up about anything that’s on their mind. We tend to form a close bond with our patients and their families, which is what helps provide the proper support during a tough time. What makes our practice different is our team culture and our ability to work fantastically together, which creates a stimulating environment.”

Auckland Oncology
With over 25 years of experience, patient care has always come first. Based in Remuera, the dedicated Auckland Oncology team consists of five medical specialists and six nurses who are all passionate about oncology care. With a friendly and professional team, patients can be assured that they will always receive the right information and care.
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