Dr James Liang
Dr James Liang

Dr James Liang


Dr James Liang – Haematologist

Medical Background:

Dr James Liang is a clinical and pathology haematologist with special interest in adult haematological cancer while also managing general haematological conditions such as thrombosis and haemostasis.

After completing his medical degrees in 2005 from the University of Auckland, James continued his medical training in the Auckland region. In 2015 he was awarded a research fellowship from Cancer and Palliative Network (Perth, Australia) and spent 2016-2017 at the University of Western Australia and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. During this time his research mainly focused in the field of myeloproliferative neoplasm with the aim of identifying a potential druggable target. He was also closely involved with developing novel method of blood-based cancer detection.

Upon returning to New Zealand in 2017 James took up a consultant position at Middlemore Hospital and continued his research interest as an investigator in various clinical trials. Apart from his clinical and research interest, James believes in the importance of disseminating knowledge and has lectured undergraduates, been an invited speaker in community events, GP seminars and international conferences.

From James:

“During my training I was fortunate to see how improved understanding of biology had lead to the rapid development of novel therapy with direct benefit to patients’ treatment outcome. However, I believe personalised treatment is not simply about choosing the right treatment for the disease but it is also critical to develop a close relationship with the patient and their family so I am in tune with their wishes and goals. This deeper understanding will allow me to guide them through their decision making more effectively.

At Auckland Oncology we take great pride in providing an environment to facilitate a patient-centred approach. Having the same specialist and nursing team provides great reassurance and comfort for our patients. For us there is nothing more rewarding than the positive impact we see in our patients’ treatment journey.”

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