Kathryn Terry
Kathryn Terry

Oncology Nurse Specialist

Kathryn Terry - Oncology Nurse Specialist

"Oncology care has always been of interest to me because I see it as a real privilege since I’m connecting with some of the most vulnerable people within our population.

It can be emotionally challenging to walk with these people and their families through this difficult time in their lives, but it is also very worthwhile when I see the positive difference I can make during treatments and care. Over time we tend develop a close relationship with our patients, which borders on a friendship with some.

While providing chemotherapy is only part of my role, creating an environment in which patients feel comfortable and confident to speak up when they have issues is very much important to our culture. We genuinely care about our patients and always put them first, which is why we do everything in our power to ensure their treatment runs smoothly and that they receive the best support."

Auckland Oncology

With over 25 years of experience, patient care has always come first. Based in Remuera, the dedicated Auckland Oncology team consists of five medical specialists and six nurses who are all passionate about oncology care. With a friendly and professional team, patients can be assured that they will always receive the right information and care.

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